Galeria Alegria

Promoting Louisiana One Bead At A Time

The technique is new - 95% of Mardi Gras beads are recycled - all beads are individually cut - and molded into shape with regular adhesive

Charity Project: Illinois Eye Bank - Stazia by Stephan Wanger


The following events are scheduled as of today. Please EMAIL us if you are interested at


Bead Town: Louisiana Reverie

Winnsboro, LA until November 4, 2012

The first phase of exhibiting the artworks will begin in Winnsborro, LA

Over 60 artworks will be featured at the Old Post Office Museum, and sprinkled all over town


Bead Town: Ruston, LA

November 7 through December 16, 2012


Bead Town: When All The Pieces Come Together

New Orleans, LA - Where, where, where? Yeah, yeah We know - we are working on some eye popping announcements


Bead Town: Gronau, Germany

Gronau, Germany until May 15, 2013

The European exhibit will kick-off in Gronau, Germany. A week before the Gronau Jazz Fest takes place